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May 12

Thursday, May 12th, 2022

May he grant you your heart’s desire
and fulfill all your plans!
 May we shout for joy over your salvation,
and in the name of our God set up our banners!

Psalm 20:4-5



Christine Perrin taught at Messiah University for the first time in the late 1990s. Since then, she has taught a variety of courses and in many different capacities. In 2015, she took on the director of writing position alongside teaching creative writing in the English department (now Language, Literature and Writing). This year she directed the Writing Center. What drew her to Messiah University was the range of commitments to a notable diversity of goods harmonized by a fixed pledge to Christ. In turn, two of her three children graduated from Messiah. Many of her students have loved books and life and have pressed their likeness into her being. “To work with so many good and intriguing colleagues has been an astonishing privilege.” After this semester, she will step down from teaching full time to have more time to write and to teach in a variety of other contexts. (Her first order of business is a second book of poems and a novella about the Mandelstams—Osip and Nadezhda during the Bolshevik Revolution).


Messiah University Graduate Counseling Associate Professor Carol ZA McGinnis was recently interviewed in a “Connections: Healthy Gambling and Gaming” podcast on the topic of “Women and Gaming.” Here is that web link if you are interested in hearing more on this topic:—S3E3-e1heacb/a-a69u59i


On Wednesday, April 6, The Association of College and University Printers (ACUP) announced in Vancouver, Washington that Kathrynne Shafer, vice president for operations, and her operations leadership team were recipients of the ACUP Impression Award for Collaborative Service.
The award is presented annually to leaders in higher education who collaborate on a project or goal that achieves a positive and impactful outcome. Kathie and the operations directors worked together to create Operations Appreciate Week, a celebration of support services employees whose work throughout the pandemic allowed Messiah to safely and successfully operate through unprecedented challenges.

Please join us in congratulating Kathie and her department directors for their excellent work.


The School of Science, Engineering and Health congratulates Sang Uk Joo on his appointment as associate professor of sport management at St. Thomas Aquinas College, located just a few miles outside of New York City. Sang has been with the Department of Health, Nutrition and Exercise Science for seven years and has been a committed and successful ‘one-man show’ for the sport management major. He is a passionate teacher and mentor as well as a scholar. We are sad to see him go but wish him congratulations and blessings as he begins his new role.


School of Graduate and Professional Studies Commencement

School of Graduate and Professional Studies Commencement, Saturday, May 14, 11 a.m.
Brubaker Auditorium, Eisenhower Campus Center

Schedule and details
The full schedule for the 2022 Commencement Ceremony for the School of Graduate and Professional Studies is posted online at This website will also provide a live video stream of the Commencement ceremony.

Members of the School of Graduate and Professional Studies faculty should have already received information from the Provost’s Office regarding their participation in Commencement. Faculty, staff and administrators who are participating in the Commencement ceremony should also have received a memo regarding their role in the ceremony from the Commencement Committee.

Parking lots YY (beside the Welcome Center) VV (the visitor’s lot) and TT (along the railroad tracks and Sollenberger Sports Center will be the primary guest parking lot for this event.

Note: The COE and employees may travel through the south entrance to avoid all the guest traffic at the main entrance. They may park in the ZZ lot (between the High Center and Old Main and surrounding Old Main). There will be no reserved parking passes issued for this event.
If you have any questions regarding the School of Graduate and Professional Studies Commencement, please contact Rebekah Ostby, co-chair of the Commencement Committee, at ext. 2755 or

Fiscal Year End purchasing information

This information is intended for employees in an effort to reach budget managers, delegates and purchasing card (P-Card and DB-Card) cardholders, approvers and their delegates. If the following does not pertain to you, please disregard. Thank you.

Messiah University’s fiscal year ends on Thursday, June 30. Transactions initiated during the last months of the fiscal year often warrant additional consideration to ensure that charges are recorded in the appropriate fiscal year. Please review the timeline for purchasing, purchasing cards (P-Card and DB-Card), and accounts payable below. Call 717-691-6010 with questions or concerns. We sincerely thank you for your cooperation.

Now through June 12 –
Purchase as needed but please do not stockpile supplies in order to spend your entire budget.
Communicate definitive delivery dates with suppliers. Purchases must be received on campus by June 30, in order to be expensed in the FY22 budget. Please complete the receiving process in One$ource as soon as items arrive on campus. Be sure to update receiving note stating the date you received the item. Purchases received July 1, or later will be expensed in the FY23 budget. This is required by accounting principles, and we cannot make exceptions to this policy.
Open purchase orders:
Budget managers should check the status of open purchase orders. Select the “Encumbrance” column on the Self Service Budget Query.
Contact Purchasing to close any open PO that should not be rolled to FY23.
Examples of PO’s that should be closed:
· Blanket PO where the final delivery for the year has been made
· PO where goods have not and will never be delivered
· PO where the invoice price was lower than the amount entered on the PO
Thursday, June 9 –
Last day that requisitions for items to be expensed to the FY22 budget are entered – see delivery information above.
Friday, June 10 –
Budget managers should approve or deny all requisitions in their queue by 5 p.m.
Monday, June 13 – Friday, June 24.
Please contact purchasing for assistance with urgent requisitions for items that will positively be received by June 30 and are to be expensed to the FY22 budget.
Requisitions for items to be expensed to the FY23 budget and FY23 blanket orders can be entered at this time; however, items must not be delivered to campus prior to July 1. This must be communicated to suppliers in the delivery notes section of the requisition. Also, please note in the justification section that the requisition is for FY23. The effective date for FY23 blanket orders must be July 1 or later.
Friday, July 1–
Requisitions for FY22 goods and services cannot be entered during FY23. Please contact Purchasing for assistance.
Continue to enter FY23 requisitions and blanket orders.
Purchasing card cardholders (P-CARD AND DB-CARD)
Allocate all June purchasing card transactions by end of day Wednesday, July 6. Please allocate posted July transactions at this time as well.
· If June purchases are for FY23 (example: conference registration for a conference that takes place in FY23), please begin the description with “FY23” and email with the date, amount, and coding for the transaction. Accounting will make an entry so FY23 funds are used.
· If July purchases are for items received before June 30, please begin the description with “FY23.”
Approve all purchasing card transactions by end of day Monday, July 11. Please approve allocated July transactions at this time as well.
Accounts Payable
Now through Friday, July 15 –
Invoice processing
If you receive an invoice, please email it to
Submit all employee and student reimbursements, and expense reimbursements for speakers or contracted services from FY22.
Accounting principles require that all goods and services must be expensed in the year that they are delivered or performed, NOT when the invoice is received. If you have purchased goods or services that were delivered or performed by June 30, but do not have an invoice, please contact Accounts Payable for guidance.
Friday, July 15 –
Final day to submit FY22 invoices to Accounts Payable for processing and payment.
Final day to submit employee and student reimbursements, and expense reimbursements for speakers or contracted services from FY22.
If you receive an invoice for FY22 goods or services after this date, please email it to immediately, noting that it is for FY22.
Please contact Procurement Services at extension 6010 with questions.

Campus Store summer hours

Effective May 9-August, the Campus Store’s summer hours are 10 a.m. – 2 p.m., Monday-Friday.

Exceptions are:
Saturday, May 14 – 9:30 a.m.- 2 p.m.
Monday, May 30 – CLOSED (Memorial Day)
Monday, July 4 – CLOSED (Independence Day)

Please plan your visits accordingly!

New library resources

Murray Library added many new Ebooks this month. Click here to see a sampling. Educators are invited to contact their liaison librarian at any time with inquiries concerning resources.

Join a Summer 2022 Professional Learning Community

Please join us for two Summer 2022 Professional Learning Communities (PLC):

1. Have a course that needs a tune-up? A full overhaul? Some parts replaced? To be designed and built? Bring it into The Course Workshop. This Professional Learning Community will provide faculty with resources, support, direction, and community for revising or developing courses over the summer. Individual faculty goals will drive this PLC so you can cruise into fall. The Course Workshop will be held June 1, 15, 29 and July 13 at 1p.m. via Zoom. This PLC is facilitated by Leah Clarke, associate professor of counseling, and Tina Keller, associate professor of TESOL education. To register, please contact by May 20.

2. You are invited to join Rocky Allinger and Cindi Kerns, instructional designers, to discuss Kosslyn’s brief book on the what, why and how of active learning in online courses. You will share ideas, brainstorm new strategies, and plan application for increasing student engagement online. Active Learning Online will be held via Zoom; the dates and times will be based on participant availability. To register, please contact by May 20. Book included in registration.


Job opportunities

Facility Maintenance has an opening for a full-time electrician position. For more information and to apply, please visit: Job-related questions may be directed to Brian Miller, facility maintenance manager, at

Messiah Press has an opening for a part-time printing and bindery technician position, working Aug-May, 20 hours per week. . For more information and to apply, please visit: Job-related questions may be directed to Dwayne Magee, director of printing and mailing services, at

For sale

Teardrop trailer for cozy camping. If you enjoy semi-rustic camping, but you don’t like to sleep in a tent, then this might be the ticket for your next outdoor getaway! My sister-in-law, who recently moved to Central Pennsylvania, is selling her nearly new sleeping camper, and I thought it might be of interest to someone in our community. There is an ad on Craigslist:

The camper has been meticulously cared for since its initial purchase. Sleeps two adults. If interested, you can contact my sister-in-law directly through the Craigslist ad. Since it’s not my trailer, I don’t know all of the details about it, but I’m happy to talk with you at if you have initial questions. Deana Baddorf

Amazon Fire Tablet 7. 7inch screen. 1GB. Excellent condition. $25. Contact Beth

Whirlpool Washer. Purchased 2 years ago, so it’s practically brand new. It has no agitator. I was use to a front loader, so I wanted to go back to the front loader. If you want to see more pictures or get more information please email me:

Papa bear shirts. Great t-shirts for Father’s Day! What dad or grandpa would not be proud to wear a t-shirt like this? Papa bear with his baby bears. You can choose any wording you’d like along with the bears: Papa, Daddy, Grandpa, Poppy, Grams, you name it, your choice. $25 ea. Email me with size and info:

Horse t-shirts for girls. What girl who loves horses would not be proud to wear this shirt? Let them show their love for their horse. Can be personalized. Email me for more information:

FORTNITE t-shirt or sweatshirt. Yes, Fortnite is still going strong! T-shirt ($15) or sweatshirts ($25), Email for more information: